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> I'm worried. When does urashima (thunbergii) come up for us here in zone
> 6-7?

I'm sending this message to magrysbo at SHU.EDU as well as the list because Ray
HATES my AOL which sends html and I am apparently sufficiently disabled that I
can't do better and I am not sure this will get posted.


I have three GORGEOUS A. thunbergii blooming here in Traverse City Michigan,
(USDA Zonw 5b) at the 45th paralell --- granted -- on the shores of Lake
Michigan anf with special microclimates . . . I have several other Zone 7 plants
blooming . . . for example Helleborus argutifolius which made it through a
brutal winter with insufficient snow cover and fierce winds that winter-killed much
of this . . .

It's been a brutal winter here. My H. argutifolius and H. x sternii were
severely hit, but the roots survived. I haven't noticed any damage to the
Arisaema. So far, I've had A. thunbergii, A. sikkokianum, A. maximowiczii, A. tashiroi
bloom.  A. kkiushianum is about to bloom -- nearly open. There are several
other speicies coming (the later ones such as A. taiwanense, A. candidissimum,
A. fargesii, A. consanguineum, A. ringens. Hopefully, they made it through our
harsh winter.

But the A. thunbergii are spectacular. A small garden club was her tonight
for a tour. They said they'd nver seen a shade garden like this.

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