A-05 sp.1(fragrant), & Pinellia

Aaron Floden aaron_floden at YAHOO.COM
Sat Feb 15 14:52:03 CET 2003

Hello to all,

I bought 1 tuber of A-05 from Chen Yi in the fall of 2001. The tuber began
to rot just as sping approached so I cleaned off all the rotten pots and
let it dry completely and after that planted it back. I waited and it came
up with one large shoot then sent up four more shoots just as the first
began to unfold. Four of the five flowered with the typical lightly lemony
scent. One of the four that flower set seed and I promptly cleaned and
sowed them at the end of October. They quickly sprouted and have been
growing since.
The odd part is that as one leaf dies down a new one comes up to replace
the dying one. Some tubers have had more than 3 leaves at this point and
some have 2 from each tuber. I have never seen this in an Arisaema, but in
Pinellia it is the normal procedure.

And I pulled a few stems of from a Pinellia pedatisecta directly from the
tuber and set them in water last summer in a vase. 1 of 3 began to callus
within a week and after 2 weeks it had a little 'cauliflower' of callus at
the end of the stem. I planted it and it sent out roots and put up several
shoots. Just a new way of propagation for those who, for some odd reason,
may need more.

All the best,
Aaron Floden
Stilwell, Ks

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