Fw: ID help, please -- urgent

Gusman Guy ggusman at ULB.AC.BE
Sat Feb 15 13:52:38 CET 2003

>Thank you, all, for your suggestions (both online and off) about the ID of
>my friend's clump of  green and white Arisaema. I have forwarded the lot to
>Jim McClements raises my own concern. The leaves on these plants have three
>leaflets. The slide does not show characters very clearly but I have
>badgered my friend on this issue. Three leaflets is correct.
>I understand that amurense when immature has three leaflets.
>But do some forms of amurense, in maturity, have three leaflets?

Like Barry Yinger, we also saw plants with three leaflets, namely in Korea. Mature specimens have two leaves, often the upper one with five leaflets, the lower with three.Guy Gusman

>Or is it possible for every individual in a big clump of amurense to be
>immature for years? The slide I scanned was taken in 1998 or 1999; in 2002
>the plants again had three leaflets.
>One correspondent says that stock received from Moscow as A. "bockii," which
>has three leaflets, was later determined as A. amurense; but that this was
>not published.
>Anyone who came in late can see the plants I asked about here
>And pictures of "bockii" at the bottom of the Arisaema amurense page at
>Paige Woodward
>paige at hillkeep.ca

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