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Cutting the stems off female plants in late spring will ususally send
them back to male purgatory the next year.

Donna Maroni wrote:
> > From:    Susan Cox <snalice at CNMNETWORK.COM>
> > You mentioned that you pull the seed heads before they ripen.  Do you
> > know if this practice deters Arisaema from reverting back to male aft=er
> > producing seed?
> I guess Wong/Yinger (a hybrid?) answered that question.
> From:    "Andy Y.S. Wong" <asiatica at NNI.COM> aka Barry Yinger
> > Removing the seed head will help maintain its size and female status.
> And since Wong/Yinger says "Excellent culture and high fertility will
> produce a population of females" I guess that I'm just "lucky" enough t=o
> have the right conditions.  In the patch of my oldest, largest plants, =10
> out of 12 have set seed.
> Now here is my question:  Am I likely to end up with 100% female
> plants?  Then what?--no more seed set?
> In the other patch, all the plants bloomed but only two out of nine set
> seed, and these are the biggest plants.
> Donna

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