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Some of you have undoubtedly become aware that a book on Arisaema is due =out
this summer. It is being distributed by Koeltz Scientific Books, Germany.

Below I have copied the information on the book from the Koeltz website
(  I do not know yet how the book will be distributed in Nort=h
America, but hope to have that information as soon as it is available.

I would add that I have known Guy Gusman (via hundreds of email exchanges=)
for the past 6 years, and he is probably the most knowledgable person on
earth about the genus Arisaema. This will undoubtedly prove to be for
Arisaemas what the Case book has been for Trilliums.

Jim McClements

GUSMAN, GUY AND LILIANE GUSMAN: The Genus Arisaema. A Monograph for Botan=ists
and Nature
Lovers. 2002. 475 colour photographs. Approx. 200 line -drawings. 17 t=abs.
Approx. 450 p. gr8vo.
Hardcover. (ISBN 3-904144-91-X) (081393)

83.00 EURO (US$ 83.00) >>
Due July / August 2002. Orders will be recorded.- Contents (main
headings): Introduction/ Morphology (Main parts,
roots, stem and phyllotaxis, shoot and leaf, inflorescence and sex,
fruiting, spike and seed, germination)/ Arisaemas
in Chemistry and Medicine/ Arisaemas in the Wild and in Cultivation
(Distribution, growing conditions in the open,
hardiness and winter protection, feeding, pests and diseases, flowerin=g
period in the garden)/ Propagation (Vegetative
multiplication, seed production in the garden, sowing)/ Systematics (
History of the genus, recent methods of
investigation, diagnosis of the genus, key to sections and subsections=,
clades uesed to keying species)/ Taxonomic
Treatment (Species by sections, doubtful or incompletely known species=,
hybrids)/ Glossary / Index to Species
Names. - Arisaemas have become increasingly popular and highly praised=for
their sculptural aspect and their
intriguing inflorescences. The genus' fascination is also increased by=a
phenomenon unique in Araceae: the change of
sex that these plants undergo many times during their lifetime. This b=ook
covers all frost - resistant species, whose
exotic look makes them great woodland garden plants, and tropical spec=ies
suited for the cool greenhouse. It
provides descriptions of all species, keys for their identification, p=lus
information on their growing conditions in the
wild and advice for their cultivation and propagation.

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