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We have the same information. But, I'm reminded of the time
the county proposed a road right on my back property line (in N.Y.).
We screamed as did the neighbors and were assured that the
proposal had been killed.

Two years later the bull dozers showed up.

I just don't trust Government. Once a proposal is made it has a life
of it's own.

Our contingency plan is to ship all U.S. seed here to me in one
package with one Phyto. Then I'll re-mail the individual envelopes from h=ere.
So we do have a plan if it happens later. Craig has already checked this
out with the Canadian Phyto people and it looks workable.


I agree with you that a continuous bombardment of the Govt. folks
couldn't hurt. If you could compose such a letter and post it on
Arisaema-L, members could cut and paste it into their favorite word
processor and send it off to the right places. I find that most
people have trouble forming the letter, but are quite willing to send it.

We did this on trying to reverse the Romanian Government's restriction
on adoption by US citizens. Even Colen Powell got the treatment,
And it worked!

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts on these problems.


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