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Greetings all,

Spring has officially arrived in Edgewood, Washington USA!

A. sikokianum and ringens are 2+" above ground.
Paris quadrifolia, polyphylla and verticillata along with our native
Trilliums are flowering, as are the Bleeding Hearts.  Stands of single an=d
double Anemones, Ranuculus and Anemonellas litter the forest floor like a
patchwork quilt...oh and did I mention the slugs?  They topped off the
bravest of the Meadow Rue and have feasted on my new Cardiocrinum gigante=um.
DIE DIE DIE you evil monsters!!!!

I am sure to re-enter life with a slime trail.

My first Chen Yi Arisaema is up, open and definitely NOT elephas #16-2001.
Will let everyone know identity once figured out...God willing.

Happy Glorious Spring Growing,

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