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How is the phyto issue going to be addressed? The rule went into effect f=or
most countries importing into the US in January. As I recall, Canada had =a
six month extension, but I don't remember when it began. I imagine that m=ost
participants of the exchange are in the US, and consequently phytos will =be
required (unless we're still within the extension period--in which case w=e
will still need to plan for next year).

Options include having someone in the US take over the seed exchange in t=he
future (in which case it will probably involve only seed produced in the
US); or doing a bulk shipment with one phyto to a person in the US who wi=ll
accept responsibility for remailing individual seed orders to participant=s
inside the country.

Anyone know what Canada is proposing to the US as a solution to issuing
thousands of phytos for seed? (We can't be the only ones).


Carlo A. Balistrieri
Nemorosa Horticulture
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA
Zone 4a-5b

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