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Tue Apr 16 13:26:49 CEST 2002

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From: Eric Gouda <E.J.Gouda at BIO.UU.NL>
Subject: Re: The Seedex
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Come on people.....

Of corse it was a mistake to ask for reply to the list and I replied to t=he
list myself, before realizing that this could not be the right way for al=l
200 members to do that.

Things like this will happen once and a while and a simple request messag=e
to the list can avoid the replies of all/many of the members to the list.
As Listowner I had to do that, but I missed the message because it was
posted in the weekend. Sorry for that, and I hope it did not cause any RS=I
pressing the DEL key.

There was some overreacting about the issue, let us please forget these
words and go on... Arisaema-L is not miss used
very often.

We have a very nice society of Arisaema Enthusiasts and I think we are
doing very well !

There is a Digest option at Listserv and in that way you will get all the
messages of a day in one message. If you like me to activate that option
for you, please let me know.

Eric Gouda (listowner)

At Tuesday 16-4-02, you wrote:
>Date:    Sun, 14 Apr 2002 20:57:24 -0000
>From:    Ernie O'Byrne <nargsbs at EFN.ORG>
>Subject: Re: The Seedex
>I, for one, have had it with your rudeness, Ray. As I recall, the origin=al
>message asked for replies to the list, not privately (although I don't h=ave
>the original message anymore to refer to since I deleted it), but your
>repeated snits against the members of the list that you are supposed to =be
>'managing' are uncalled for. You may remove me from Arisaema-L, effectiv=e
>It would have been a simple matter for you to intervene at the beginning=and
>request private replies rather than accusing those responding as request=ed
>of stupidity.
>Ernie O'Byrne
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>Eugene OR 97402-9284
>Phone: 541 935-3915
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