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Dear all;
As I keep adding to my Arum frenzy, I wonder more and more
about a couple of common species. Appreciate comments from folks who
live where these grow or know these in the wild.

(1) Arum italicum. I grow A. italicum and it self sows.
According to Boyce there are 4 subspecies but NO A. ital.
pictum, A. ital marmoratum, A. ital. maculatum etc.
Instead 4 subspecies:
A. i italicum
A. i. neglectum
A. i. albospathum
A. i. canariense

I am not sure if I have ever actually grown anything but
'typical A. ital which may or may not have more or less white/ silver
veins and marks up to and including 'Chameleon'.

Anyone have a plain green italicum or any of the valid subspecies=???

(2) Like wise A. maculatum has NO subspecies, but lots of
variability from plain green to black spots to the form pictured in
'The Genus Arum ' with deep black spots in what appear to be sunken
pits making the spots all that more distinct.

My form grown from British seed has small black specks
scattered on the leaves. Anyone grow the form pictured by Boyce or an
all green form? A. 'Painted Lady' is a form of maculatum and one of
the few variegated Arum.

I'd love to make an exchange of these various common Arum
that show the uuncommon 'typical' forms.

Comments.               Jim W.
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