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Ladies & Gents:

By the latest count there are now 212 subscribers on Arisaema-L, from all
over the world. You should all realize that anything you post on Trillium=-L
goes to all 212 subscribers.

It's tempting, particularly for newer subscribers, to consider Arisaema-L
as a one-to-one "chat room", and engage in discussions that can be of no
possible interest to the many of the 212. This can occur accidentally, wh=en
one hits "reply" to a posting on the list when really intending to reply
only to the sender. However, it often occurs because the writer doesn't
stop and consider that the message is intended for one person.

Arisaema-L does cover some other hardy aroids such as Arum, Peltandra,
Zantedeschia, etc. However, Amorphophallus is so well covered on
Aroid-L, that we don't cover it. Most other unusual aroids are better
discussed on Aroid-L as well.

You've all been supplied with E-mail addresses for AEG members, but they
do change frequently. Just send the following message to
<listserv at>
REV Arisaema-L BY NAME
to get an alphabetic list of the latest addresses. Armed with these,
private discussions are easily accomplished.

Have a good day,


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