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Some new AEG members who use AOL for E-mail seem to have trouble
setting the E-mail program to send "Plain Text" messages instead of
"HTML" encoded messages. Now, some E-mail clients are attaching
files to every E-mail which causes virus filters to reject the E-mail.

Trying to get the preferences set in AOL has caused some difficulty as
the "help" geeks insist on messing with font selection and never seem
to be able to cure the problem.

I asked a the Technical Questions Editor at our local newspaper for
help. She replied:

Go to Keyword: Preferences (or choose Preferences from the Settings menu =on
the AOL 6.0 toolbar).

Click on Font, Text, & Graphics Preferences.

Click on the Reset button at the bottom of the resulting window.
Do not make any changes in the Font Preferences area of the window.

Click on the Save button.

I'd like to find out if this really works, but I can't get a response fro=m the
lady who was having problems. Can any of you AOL users verify that it

Thanks for your help.


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