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Duncan and all,

You do not have to pay to belong to IBS_Images.  I just now approved
Duncan's membership request in IBS_Images.  There is however an Internet
Affiliate membership in IBS that allows access to the IBS Bulb Forum
(members of IBS only) on the St Johns University listserver.  For (I
think?) about $15 per year, you get the Bulb Forum, access to the IBS Bul=b
Exchange ("free" bulbs and short-lived seeds at a flat fee of $5 per orde=r
for postage and handling), and download of the magazine "BULBS".  Check t=he
IBS website at for details.  To get HERBERTIA=,
our annual scientific journal, you need to pay the full membership
fee.  (HERBERTIA costs a lot to print and ship.)

Jim Shields
vice president
International Bulb Society

At 05:07 AM 4/3/02 -0800, Duncan wrote:
>Yes, you need to be a member of IBS to see the pictures. I just signed u=p to
>be on the list. Lets see if a non member can join. I will assume, you ha=ve
>to pay a yearly dues to IBS to part of this list.

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