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I'm glad it did well for you, but PLEASE don't send any tuberlets back. I=f
mine germinate I will have approximately enough to provide every man, wom=an
and child in Eugene with a plant--well, a slight exageration, but you get
the idea!

Addicts will always find a way to serve their dependency! We can only be
glad it is a rather healthful addiction and cheaper even than some. (Let'=s
see, where will I plant this--oh well, I'll figure it out later--just buy

Ernie O'Byrne
Northwest Garden Nursery
86813 Central Road
Eugene OR 97402-9284
Phone: 541 935-3915
FAX: 541 935-0863
Eugene, Oregon is USDA Zone 8a on the map, but we can only grow Zone 7
plants reliably. Member of NARGS, SRGC, RHS, American Primula Society,
Meconopsis Group, Alpine-L, Arisaema-L, Hellebore Group

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Thanks for that seed, must have been a good batch of taiwanense. When my
tuberlets survive a second season I'll have some to send back to you.
I'm usually diligent about watching everything, but sometimes weather
remains dreary, potting mix compacts, or there is excessive moisture whic=h
at first i do not discern. Even when personal obligations become hectic I
can be found most days, for an hour or two, poking about and prodding
around my garden, growing cases, windowsills, cold frames, kitchen table,
coffee table, refridgerator, desk at work... you get the picture. Do I ha=ve
enough plants? Never. I can always fit another one in.

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