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"Most Arisaemas don't seem to
have any genetic sense of the seasons" ??
For the most part I found this to be true, although they may switch from
doing fine with moist conditions to disasterous sensitivity to water
without any apparent change in growth appearance.  But this story is about
my flavums, both seedex received April of last year, and various tubers and
tuberlets descended from a plant labeled "CC1292" . These both went dormant
in July and August and were refridgerated until November and December, when
they were potted up on a sunny, warm, moist window shelf. I can't speak for
the 1st year tuberlets derived from seed, but this never happened before -
none took less than 3 months to sprout and most, 4. The 5 taiwanensis
offsets I have not grown outdoors are also exhibiting this behavior this
Bonaventure Magrys

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Lyn and Paul,


We really don't care why the plant has become confused and started to
grow off season.
It still needs to be brought back into the proper seasonal rotation.

I'd be surprised if a local Nursery in Victoria is growing A.
consanguineum as a crop. They
undoubtedly imported the plant. And, most likely, from a northern
hemisphere source.
The horrendous quarantine costs are not so horrendous if you divide by
several hundred
by importing large lots.

But it matters not. It still needs to have it's clock reset.

The next thing to do is to verify that it really is A. consanguineum.
Some import sources
are very loose about proper identification. The local nurseries usually
just go by
what they're told. So, key it out using Aroid029, KEY, Arisaema of India
& Burma, by Chatterjee.

GRSJr at

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