flavums not yellow

Diane Whitehead ua024 at VICTORIA.TC.CA
Wed May 23 23:08:39 CEST 2001

I have flavums from several donors to the '96 and '97 seed exchanges now
starting to flower.  One has some yellow on it, but the rest have none -
just greens and browns.

The flavum that I have in the garden is yellow. At least, I'm pretty sure
it is, but it won't be up till June - these others are in pots that have
been in the greenhouse for the winter, so they are flowering early.

I checked through 3 decades of seed exchange booklets and discovered the
source of my seed: the NARGS (then called ARGS) 94/95 exchange.
Unfortunately for my detective work, there were a number of donors so none
was listed.

Only one seedling flowered, as far as I can remember, and it has gently
seeded around its original spot.

As soon as it flowers, I will check that my memory of its colour is
accurate, and then I will have to send in some seeds for the next

Diane Whitehead  Victoria British Columbia Canada
zone 8, Sunset zone 5, cool mediterranean climate (rainy winter, dry
summer - just what most arisaemas don't want!)

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