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Lyn Edwards lynelda at AUSTARMETRO.COM.AU
Sat May 19 01:25:48 CEST 2001

>From Lyn Edwards, Canberra, Oz 8 USDA
Thank you Jim, Ray and Paul, I shall try the combination  1 and 3 as it
would seem to be the best for my situation, I am home most of the time and
can put the plant out during non-frosty days and bring in at night till it
goes to sleep again and then refridgerate as suggested.
I believe the plant to be A. consanguinium and locally grown as it was
bought from Stephen Ryan,s nursery. It could have been imported but Stephen
does grow a great deal from seed and I would be surprised if he had imported
these. His specialist nursery has been robbed of the most desirable of
plants to collectors 2 years in a row ( galanthus,trilliums,arisaema etc) so
he does not have many species for sale and what he has in small numbers to
the visitor to his nursery, no mailorder here I,m afraid. However this is
not all that important regarding this plant,s growing habits which obviously
need redirecting, thank you all for your advice,
Lyn Edwards
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