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Paul Tyerman ptyerman at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Wed Jun 6 00:31:20 CEST 2001

Howdy All,

>From the recent Seed Exchange I received Arisaema ringens (20017).  5 have
germinated so far but there is a definite anomaly...

I contacted Lyn Edwards here in Canberra who had the same batch of A.
ringens sent to her.  She has exactly the same combination germinating as I

Some of the seedlings are significantly larger than the other, the bigger
with a single leaf blade and the smaller ones have a tripartate leaf (three
blades instead of a single), but another observation from her was that the
Arisaema candidissimum had similar first leaves to the single blade.... in
that they were the same shape and the they were shiney on the surface.  I
didn't sow my A. candidissimum so I could not make that comparison.  I'm
not even sure which leaf type A. ringens is supposed to be... this being
the first time either Lyn or Myself have grown Arisaemas from seed.

Now... would you think there has been a seed mixup or that this would be an
example of cross-pollination with inheritance from two different parents?
If one parent had tripartate new leaves, while the other had a single blade
new leaf could the offspring have either or would they inherit the first
leaf of the pod parent?  The tripartate leaf is not as shiny as the
anomolous larger single blade, but I think I detect more shine than there
is on the A. sikokianum that are sprouting nearby.

It really comes down to three possibilities....... always happens with A.
ringens, indicates species cross, or indicates mix of seeds?

A. ringens was one of the first species I was interested in when I found
out about Arisaemas, so I was very excited to get seed of it.  Now I'm
wondering whether any are true ringens or whether all are crossbred?

What would people's suggestions be?  Should I keep an eye on them and prick
out the single blade seedlings as they die down at the end of the season?

Any information would be appreciated.

One thing I HAVE to say though...... growing these guys from seed is very
addictive.  I know from having spoken to Lyn that she does the same as
me.... checking them every day to see if any more have germinated, and
almost starting to feel like they're kids!! <grin>


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