plant for identification (14)

Roy Herold rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US
Wed Jun 6 02:31:07 CEST 2001

I have to agree now that it certainly looks like my taiwanense that
is now in bloom. Mine doesn't have nearly as nice markings on the
leaf petiole, though. Eric omitted these notes from the grower of
this plant, Diane Clement of Wolverhampton, UK (the inquiry
originally came to me):

"Thanks for your reply.  I exhibited my mystery arisaema at the AGS Summer
South national show yesterday and it won first prize.  None of those present
could identify it.  I was given advice to ask Chris Brickell (who collected
the seed).  The other useful contact was with Tony Hall from Kew who said if
I sent him some pictures he knew an arisaema expert who would be able to
identify it  (someone called Boyce, I think).  I also thought of asking Paul
Christian.  So maybe soon I will know.  Here is the only information held by
the AGS about the collection -"

(and on to the notes on Eric's page)

I'm writing to Diane now to see if there might have been a mixup.
Given its putative origin, taiwanense was far from my mind...


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