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That brings to mind a question that I had when replanting the tubers stor=ed
last year. When they have already begun to sprout in the storage medium a=nd
are not quite straight, but curving around the tuber, does one plant the
tuber with the growing tip up, or with the tuber in a 'normal' position. =I
remember some suggesting planting tubers sideways anyway to help with
shedding excess moisture in the soil. Presumably the shoots will emerge
however they are planted, but any help I can offer them, the better,
especially since I have had lots of arisaemas skip a season, or even two
when something or other doesn't please them.

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The principle requirement for forcing is to keep the tuberlets "barely"
moist. Craig described the
medium as not wet but cool to the touch. Last I heard he was using
Granigrit as the medium.
It has worked fine for me. I do put the stuff in poly bags to keep the
tubers from drying out completely.
Poly breathes so they get enough oxygen.

I agree with Craig that 3 months at 40F is good because the lag between
and next growth cycle seems shorter than with 1 - 2 months. But you do
have to check to be sure they're
not sprouting in the frig.

Once replanted, they'll grow under lights or in the garden. No special
night cooling is required.
By repeating the forcing cycle, A. sikokianum has been brought to bloom
in less than 2 years.
But, I don't recommend the repeated process. I think the plants are not
as strong as when
forced only once to get a size tuber that will winter well.

Hey Craig, how about an updated article that we can post on the AEG
document site??
It'd be a good companion for Donna Maroni's great paper on germinating

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