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In a message dated 8/15/01 1:47:36 PM, msnakeg at NETZERO.NET writes:

<< Some of my earlier  and smaller Arisaema have already gone dormant.  I=am
ready to put them in the refrigerator.  I  already lost one to rot (I kno=w,
stop or reduce watering when they go dormant) and want to avoid loosing a=ny
more.  Should I do any thing with the corms besides bagging them up and
cooling them off, such as allowing them to dry a bit first or apply a
fungicide?  I
looked in the archives and couldn't find the information in the files I
looked at.  I probably missed the file that has that info.  I was also
wondering, when compressing the season, what temp. should the plants be k=ept
at when brought out?  I am going to try and compress a couple this year a=nd
see how it goes.  I have the facilities, but don't know the ideal temp.  =Is
a nightime cooldown a good idea, like they receive outside or does that

When I bag the tubers for refrigeration I don't use a fungicide unless th=ere
is some evidence of fungus present, nor do I dry them. However, mine all =get
bagged in turface, which has been moistened enough to change color but no=t
feel wet. It's well to remember that larger tubers are more likely to be =lost
by excess moisture, but the small ones are often lost by dessication.

When they come out of refrigeration they are kept, still in the bags of
turface, at room temperature until evidence of breaking dormancy occurs
(sprouting and/or new roots appearing). During that time I add small amou=nts
of water to the bag to keep the turface slightly moist. When one or two
tubers show evidence of breaking dormancy, all of those in the bag are th=en
potted in a mixture of promix and turface, and grown on under lights.
Depending on time of year and tuber size, some are also planted out.

As for Ernie's question:

<<<That brings to mind a question that I had when replanting the tubers s=tored

last year. When they have already begun to sprout in the storage medium a=nd

are not quite straight, but curving around the tuber, does one plant the

tuber with the growing tip up, or with the tuber in a 'normal' position. =I

remember some suggesting planting tubers sideways anyway to help with

shedding excess moisture in the soil. Presumably the shoots will emerge

however they are planted, but any help I can offer them, the better,

especially since I have had lots of arisaemas skip a season, or even two

when something or other doesn't please them.>>>>

I plant then with the tip pointing up, not worrying if the tuber is on it=s
side, but I would guess that it doesn't make a bit of difference!

And, unfortunately, when my arisaemas skip a season, it's usually permane=nt!

Jim McClements

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