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Subject: Re: dormant corms
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I have been growing my seedlings 4 to a 2 inch square pot. When the leave=s
show yellowing I cut out the bottom of the pot and place on plastic grati=ng
to help dry out the soil mass interior. Mature plants are now getting the
same treatment. Tubers hardening off for dormancy may be excreting excess
water to avoid damage from freezing temperatures. This is why I believe I
find the underside of tubers and the soil directly beneath them to be moi=st
even when the pot appears bone-dry and has not been watered for weeks. A
lot of lossed from rot may be due to this, but my cut-out method seems to
help by drying out the pot from the bottom up, as well as from the top. I=n
extreme cases (tortuosum, '99 A-10) the whole pot is cut away.
My windowsills are a mess...

Bonaventure Magrys
Cliffwood Beach, NJ

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Subject:  dormant corms

Hi all,
Some of my earlier  and smaller Arisaema have already gone dormant.  I am
ready to put them in the refrigerator.  I  already lost one to rot (I kno=w,
stop or reduce watering when they go dormant) and want to avoid loosing a=ny
more.  Should I do any thing with the corms besides bagging them up and
cooling them off, such as allowing them to dry a bit first or apply a
fungicide?  I
looked in the archives and couldn't find the information in the files I
looked at.  I probably missed the file that has that info.  I was also
wondering, when compressing the season, what temp. should the plants be
at when brought out?  I am going to try and compress a couple this year a=nd
see how it goes.  I have the facilities, but don't know the ideal temp.  =Is
a nightime cooldown a good idea, like they receive outside or does that

Mark Gustafson
Portland, OR
USDA zone 7

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