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If you are referring to a true Zantedeschia ("Calla lily" is such an
imprecise name), then I am sure you mean Z. 'Schwarzwalder', a true "all
black" Zantedeschia. I do have that plant and will probably have some
offsets later in the season.

Send me your postal address privately and I'll see if I can help you out =of
your misery....

Wilbert Hetterscheid

(hetter at

> Dear Plantsmen,
> Can anyone help here?
>         The Bulb Forum of International Bulb Society has
> received the following
> from Gretchen Wms. Jurek.
> "I have not been able to find another of these black callas
> to plant! At
> another house we lived in for ten years, a bulb's leaves
> appeared one day,
> for the first time in that location, and the thing later
> showed as a BLACK
> CALLA LILY!  Stunning!  I adored it.  But when we moved, I left it, of
> course - one is supposed to
> leave plants.  Well, I have been forever sorry, let me tell
> you!  I have
> looked all over since 1986, and on the 'Net since 1996, to find
> another  bulb - to no avail.  Do you have any ideas about
> where I can look
> now?  Maybe it was just a strange mistake, and they don't exist
> commercially... I  have found out that  technically they
> aren't a calla,
> but a different name... but that has not helped.  I would be
> uncontrollably
> happy if you could point me the right way, Bill."
>                          Kind regards, Joyce Miller
> USDA zone 9a, Sacramento CA.  mailto:onager at

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