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Wed Apr 18 19:21:15 CEST 2001

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Subject: Did someone mention money?
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Dear Craig,
Yesterday, I received a package of 7 Arisaema species.  Rather a
nice surprise, especially since I did not order any seeds.  Two years ago=I
sowed about six pots and the darn things did not germinate.  I took it ve=ry
very personally and decided my gifts and graces did not include raising
Arisaemas from seed.  Today I peeked into the errant pots and a couple ma=y
have a seedling or two.  Before I find I am wrong, I decided to try again=,
using the AEG FAQ on growing them.
Someone mentioned money?  Do I owe you some.  I will be happy to
pay for all by Arum italicum which is virtually pandemic in my yard.  I
have promised Ann Hawes to dig the tubers.  I think I have agreed to a
lifelong task.
Anne.  Do not despair.  I will send the tubers, but a little lat=er
than promised.  Sincerely, Joyce Miller, Sacramento, CA Zone USDA 9A and
California zone 12, 13 or 14.  Winter lows to 27 F, usually and summer
highs can go to 105.

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