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Dear Ray,

Thanks for your reply, and for let me know that my plants are sufferi=ng
jet lag. I have put them on the fridge, in dry sphagnum. I will let all y=ou
know if they arrive after two months.
Fortunately (at least for my other aroids, mostly tropicals), the
temperature here CAN REACH 40F but only occasionally, during the winter. =The
average temperature during winter is 15C (and my other aroids hate it). I=t
is not an Arisaema country!
Another question for you, experts. Some species I have grown from see=ds
had subterranen germination (e.g. A. amurense) and the tubers grew withou=t
producing any noticeable leaves (weird... weird plants). Should I put the=m
on the fridge too? If so, should I buy another fridge? (or maybe I can ke=ep
my food in the greenhouse...)



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>Subject: Re: Arisaema in Brazil
>Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 16:55:25 EDT
>Fausto lives in the Northern Hemisphere and Brazil is in the Southern
>Your Arisaema may be confused about what season it is. I've had that
>growing tubers from New Zealand and Australia here in North Carolina.
>Normally they should grow for a couple of months at least, but if the
>tuber seems ok
>and not significantly smaller than when planted, all is probably ok.
>Your temperature is not bad. 4C is 39.2F and Arisaema will consider that
>a proper winter
>if it stays in the vicinity of 40F for 2 months or so. We don't actually
>know how cool it
>must be for proper growth to resume in the next season. Mu guess is
>around 50F, but it
>is only a guess. We do know that 40F for at least a month, preferably 2
>months works
>You can get extra seasons of growth per year by placing the tubers in a
>frig. at 40F
>for 2 months and then replanting them. The moisture conditions are
>critical so
>look up "forcing" in the Arisaema-L archives to see how to handle it.
>Forcing is one way to get their timeclock adjusted to Brazil.
>GRSJr at

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