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In a message dated 4/10/01 9:07:12 PM, rrh at GENESIS.NRED.MA.US writes:

<< So, it's hard to say if this is the true franchetianum or fargesii
without seeing the actual plant. From this description it could be
either one.


Do you really think there's a good way to tell these apart? The more I se=e of
what are supposed to be both species, the more I wonder about splitting t=hem.

A few years ago there was some discussion on the list about calling them =all
either "fargesianum" or "franchesii", which, as I recall, caused a bit of
consternation in some quarters. I've tried using a lot of the quoted crit=eria
for differentiating the two, but I'm still not convinced that they're

Perhaps it's a bit like the quote about pornography attributed to an este=emed
member of the judiciary to the effect that "it's hard to define, but I kn=ow
it when I see it!"

Can you really tell them apart?


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