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Fellow AEGers
All but 18 of the SEEDX mailings have finally leftover the past
week. This is a month late!!!!
Hopefully not too many seed starting schedules have been
On March 6th I was advised that one member of a five member
Epiphyte Plant Excursion to the Monteverdi Cloud Forest in Costa Rica
had fallen ill so I was to complete the team. Having prepared for this
trip in the event of such an opportunity by getting all the appropriate
inoculations  etc. I went, leaving on the 14th and returning at month
end. Hence the delay.
After what most consider to be a very exciting and species rich
seed distribution last year, this year was quite a challenge. The
numbers of donors and actual seed packets incoming was down
dramatically. Species selection was down and actual quantity of seed was
down about 70%. Difficult weather around the globe seem to have played
havoc in both hemispheres.
The selection many of you receive will be reduced.
The logistics of trying to fairly distribute seed to 200 members is
getting to be a bit overwhelming so I will solicit help, especially from
members close to me i.e. the greater Toronto area, for next year.
Enjoy your seed and thanks to those of you who generous donated
seed and funds to this years exchange.


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