seed desires & others.

Tue Oct 10 18:15:50 CEST 2000

Does anyone still offer Arisaema griffithii? I've been looking for this one
for a while.
Sadly, I have limited seed collected this year, only Arum italicum. I
however do have also a limited number of offsets of consanguineum 'silver
center', flavum, and pre-chilled triphyllums of which I have potted a few
and are coming up now very nicely in bloom, thank you. Just in time for
Halloween, how fitting.
>From seedex I got a good crop of 1 year tuberlets now of amurense, flavum,
consanguinium, ciliatum var. liubanense and kishidae. The yamatense and
serratum performed poorly and the couple of seed sized tuberlets withered.
Bonaventure W. Magrys
Neuroscience Institute
Seton Hall University
South Orange, NJ
USA zone 6


You will get some seed this spring when Seedex-2001 takes place.

If you're interested in purchasing plants, try our member's nurseries:

Tony Avent *    Plant Delights Nursery  plantdel at
Alan Bradshaw   Alplains Seed Co.               (303) 621-2247
Gene E. Bush    Depauw, IN              genebush at
Loren Crispell  State College, PA               lnc1 at
Barry Glick     Sunshine Farm & Gardens barryg at
Douglas Green   Simple Gifts
Farms           dgreen at
Jack Hirsch     Naylor Creek Nursery    naylorck at oly
Ellen Hornig *  Seneca Hill Perennials  hornig at
Diana Nicholls  NichollsGardens
NichollsGardens at
Diana Reeck     Collector's Nursery             dianar at
Kristl Walek    Gardens North Seeds     garnorth at
Andy Wong *     Asiatica                        asiatica at ezonline

The asterisk indicates extensive Arisaema offerings.

Hopefully I haven't left out too many of our commercial members. I
apologize to those
I've overlooked.

GRSJr at

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