Lookout Mtn Ga seed desires.

George R Stilwell, Jr. grsjr at JUNO.COM
Tue Oct 10 15:09:00 CEST 2000


You will get some seed this spring when Seedex-2001 takes place.

If you're interested in purchasing plants, try our member's nurseries:

Tony Avent *    Plant Delights Nursery  plantdel at nando.net
Alan Bradshaw   Alplains Seed Co.               (303) 621-2247
Gene E. Bush    Depauw, IN              genebush at netpointe.com
Loren Crispell  State College, PA               lnc1 at vicon.net
Barry Glick     Sunshine Farm & Gardens barryg at slip.net
Douglas Green   Simple Gifts
Farms           dgreen at simplegiftsfarm.com
Jack Hirsch     Naylor Creek Nursery    naylorck at oly
Ellen Hornig *  Seneca Hill Perennials  hornig at oswego.edu
Diana Nicholls  NichollsGardens
NichollsGardens at Juno.com
Diana Reeck     Collector's Nursery             dianar at teleport.com
Kristl Walek    Gardens North Seeds     garnorth at istar.ca
Andy Wong *     Asiatica                        asiatica at ezonline

The asterisk indicates extensive Arisaema offerings.

Hopefully I haven't left out too many of our commercial members. I
apologize to those
I've overlooked.

GRSJr at Juno.com

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000 07:05:56 -0400 Mark Issenberg  writes:
>Hi all i woulod like to get some seed or plants of Ariaema for my
>I have 16 acres on a bluff. How do i get some ????????????
>                Mark Issenberg  "Lookout Mountain Pottery"

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