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Just for the record.  We closed our nursery down last year :-) to spend
more time writing, gardening and sailing.  As the sailing season closes
(the boat comes out of the water this Friday) and the gardening season
finishes (its snowing here as I write and everything tender is indoors) I
guess I have to do some writing. ;-)

And, plan on increasing the plant collections. :-)


ps. The one thing that is interesting to me now is having to garden as a
"regular" gardener. Without the nursery facilities (we lost our remaining
greenhouse - the propagation greenhouse - with our entire tender plant
collection to a fire) I'm following many of the tips given here in the past
for overwintering the more tender species, searching out the rare stuff and
getting upset because folks like Asiatica don't ship to Canada. ;-)  Too
many plants - too little time. :-)

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