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The only book on Arisaema is Udai Pradhan's "Himalayan Cobra Lilies 2nd
Edition" and it has a
rather narrow scope - the himalayan region. ISBN 81-85423-4-0. Deni Bown
has a section in her book
on Aroids, but it is out of print - a new edition is promised.

The best source information can be found on the web at
Scroll down to "AEG Articles" and click. You'll need the name & pass word
to open the list,
name = AEG & password = AEG123. The Acrobat reader is there for a free
download if you don't already have it.

One of the documents, as pointed out in your AEG info pack, is African
Arisaema - Mayo & Gilbert. It
tells you more than you ever wanted to know about Arisaema growing in
South Africa as well as
other parts of Africa including maps of the natural distributions of the

There is also an Arisaema ID section at this location. You can send your
pictures to Eric Gouda
and have them posted on the ID page. Take a look at what has been done so
far. There is also a
tabulation of Kaichen plant IDs which is currently being updated.
Incidentally, most camers shops
will scan your pictures onto a floppy disk for a few bucks. Ask them to
put them in jpeg format
and you can send them as an attachment to an E-mail.

For cultural and propagation information, nothing beats the Arisaema-L
<http://listserv.surfnet.nl/archives/arisaema-l.html>. They are
searchable by key word.

And, of course, there is much to learn from Roy's Arisaema page
<http://genesis.ne.mediaone.net/~rrh/arisaema.html>. The pictures alone
are worth the trip,
but there's lots to read as well.

You've joined AEG, now use the resources at your disposal.

<GRSJr at Juno.com>

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