A's & S. Africa

Shawne Penwell spenwell at IOPENER.NET
Sat May 6 06:29:53 CEST 2000

Hello everyone...and a pleasant evening to you all. I read somewhere, and for the life of me can't remember where, that Arisaemas are being found to grow in the wild in S. Africa. Is this true? Also does anyone know of anywhere I might find books on Arisaema. As I am extremely new ( and technologically-challenged, it seems!) to this computer/internet world I seem to spend an awful lot of frustrating hours "searching" with poor to no results!Any help, tips, leads or sites would be ever-so-greatly appreciated!
Also, I always spend a few minutes studying the garden each morning between the back door and the car on my way to work. This morning I discovered a little tiny Arisaema, about one inch tall, just starting to unfold it's little umbrella. I have NO idea where it came from or how it got there.....It's about 4 ft from my A. taiwanense and seems to be a miniature replica, at this point, but the A. taiw. did not set seed this year I will keep a close eye on it. It's just so darn cute!! I am not able to send pictures over the net (correct term?) but if I were to get some photographs of what is growing who would I send them to snail-mail. Not surprisingly, most of the A's I have ( from Chen Yi) are all different- example-I bought 3 A.candidissimum-red and all three of them look totally different! (form and color of flower) It would be less frustrating for the experts if I sent pictures rather than try to descibe them. Trust me you'd all be tearing your hair out at my descriptions a!
nd prob
ably banish me from the net for life! LOL(but I can grow a "mean" Meconopsis!!! LOL) Thanks for your time...Good wishes to all-

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