Shawne Penwell spenwell at IOPENER.NET
Sat May 6 19:14:35 CEST 2000

thank you for your quick response to my request. Apparently you are not familiar with this machine I have called the i-opener! It's sort of a desk top/lap top kind of machine-no place to put in a disk, copy to or send from a disk, no way to download yet.
I have been to the addresses/sites included in all responses from AEG. When I click on an address (ex.   <> ) a message appears on my screen that reads:
The Web page you wanted to visit uses a technology that the i-opener does not
support. We plan to improve the i-opener so that you can view web pages like this in             the future.
So you see.....I AM using the resources at my disposal. I simply have to be patient until my machine is upgraded ( new upgrades are being made constantly) and I have to be able to rely on other members to answer what may seem like silly questions. I guess my other option would be to just be quiet and wait.
I have Udai Pradhan's "Himalayan Cobra Lilies 2nd Edition" and you're right-it has a rather narrow scope.
Thanks aagain,

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