Weather in Alaska

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Hi Rand,

We haven't seen any moose yet this winter,  but the recent weather ought to
send them down the mountains finally.  We have one area called the Palmer
Hay Flats,  which are part of a flat river delta right at the end of
Turnagain Arm at sea level.  The highway to Anchorage passes right through
the flats,  and on some morning you can find herds of moose with over 200
visible and who knows how many hiding in the brush. The mooses favorite food
(other than gardens and fruit trees, grrr) are the many species of willow
that grow in the flats.  The moose do a pretty good job of coppicing
The moose are also incredibly car stupid,  so anyone driving to and from
Anchorage has a constant prayer, "Please God no moose, please God no moose,
please God no moose,...."

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> Hi Jaime:
> >I just wanted to send a little reality check for you poor folks suffering
> >from the unseasonable cold and snow down south.
> My. Sounds like you are having an Eastern Maritime winter up there. I
> it better in Inuvik. ;-)
> Kind Regards,
> Rand
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> Zone 5b (Two weeks of snow storms, freezing rain, rain: Snowing
> again ... Moose are begging door-to-door for blankets, snowshoes
> & Bic lighters ...)

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