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Jaime Rodriguez jaime at MATNET.COM
Sat Jan 29 08:26:32 CET 2000

I just wanted to send a little reality check for you poor folks suffering
from the unseasonable cold and snow down south.  We have had a very strange
winter here in south central Alaska.  Very little snow until this week.  We
have had a couple nasty cold snaps to -20F with no snow cover,  and a few
very strange warm spells with temps in the mid 40's.  The weirdest weather
was the Monday before Christmas.  We got 2 feet of snow overnight,  and then
it warmed up and started raining for 2 days,  freezing rain the first day,
and liquid rain the next so the roads turned into ice skating rinks.  Six
inches of glare ice with an inch of liquid water on top. Thank God it rained
enough to melt it all.  Then we got another six inches of snow on Christmas
eve,  so we got a white Christmas by the skin of our teeth.  That was all
the snow we had until Monday. This week we finally got dumped with snow.  3
feet on Monday night and 6 to 12 inches a day since.  The forecast for
tonight calls for at least another 18 inches by morning.  We have gone from
no snow to over five feet of standing snow in just 4 days.  The plow drifts
are 30 to 50 feet high in some places.  When the street plows come by they
are depositing 3 foot deep burms at the end of every driveway. At least the
garden is finally covered.  I think the earlier cold spells may have done in
my first experiment with planting Arisaema triphyllum outside here.  Time
will tell.

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> Well, a kind sole with a bob-cat came by and finished digging out the
> drive. Probably
> saved me from another back surgery. But, the real story is that we dipped
> to 3F this morning,
> an all time record. Now I'm glad for the snow cover.
> And, the next one is on the way. It'll be here Saturday night. They say
> snow followed by sleet
> followed by freezing rain. It's the latter that kills the trees and
> destroys the power lines. I
> don't look forward to being without heat.
> Finally got most of the big globs of snow that were bending the trees
> shaken off today. Just in
> time for a coating of ice.
> Rose Ann's orchid bloomed again at Christmas and is still full of lovely
> white flowers. The Cyclamen
> are blooming away like there's no tomorrow. I just have to remember not
> to look outside.
> Our neighbor and I made it to the store to pick up milk and bread today.
> We only spun out
> once. A little sand under the wheels and we were back on track. The roads
> are one nasty mess.
> I can't remember them ever being this bad up north where I drove to work
> on snow and ice
> every day.
> Ray
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