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At 04:54 PM 2/26/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>        Such an awful thing, but sadly, something that is happening more
and more.
> I have had fantasies of writing an article called "The Dark Side of
>Gadening and Gardeners"....

Lois: I actually wrote such an article once (at their request) for a
publication (that shall not be named) and when they got it - they said "O=h,
no - those things could never happen - not with gardeners."  I had taken
the examples right from our own garden experiences of 23 years in the
nursery business with largish display gardens.

I won't bore you with the tedious and obnoxious examples, but my all time
"favourite" event was the time I came out of our front porch to see an ol=d
fellow guiding his wife (who was driving) to get their car through the
narrow cedar gateway into our front garden (ignoring all the obvious
nursery parking lots as well as our own private parking spaces inside the
garden fencing - after all these were only marked with "PARK HERE" signs).
The front garden - as you may recall Lois - is not a car space - it is a
walking space and the car was half running over the cedars as the woman
backed the car up. I stood there in some amazement as he continued to do
this and get the entire car into my small front Irish cottage type yard. =I
note we can't get our small farm tractor into this space - never mind a c=ar
- but between the two of them, they managed to get this car firmly esconc=ed
on my front doorstep so that it was difficult to get the porch door fully
open.  Having gotten the car into the space, he said he wanted some seeds
of the double Sanguinaria that were in the front garden (in bloom) and if
no free seeds could he simply dig up one of the plants that was there. (I
*was* a nursery after all);-)  The "thank you for respecting our privacy"
sign and the "closed" sign in the middle of the driveway didn't seem to
work and neither did the "private garden - plants not for sale" sign righ=t
at the house. I'm still trying to figure out where he was going and how i=n
h)(&^_& she got that car into the yard.

Having shut down the nursery to write, garden and sail - I can assure you
that once the gardens are rebuilt (I'm well into that process):-) for my
use and not selling gardens, I'll welcome individuals I know.  A garden
tour will never, ever, pass the end of my driveway -23 years was enough.;=-)

I do note that I've spent these past few really nice days cleaning up in
the greenhouse and the Arisaema tubers (all hardy and tender ones from
seedex) seem to have overwintered in the cold frame quite nicely. Or, as =of
yesterday, they are still quite firm without rotting. They are mostly one
and two year old plants and quite small yet - but having been stored quit=e
dry, the freezing didn't seem to bother them. It will be a few weeks yet =I
suspect before the heat builds up enough in the solar greenhouse to
encourage them to start growing.

Doug Green
Eastern Ontario Canada
Who's turning into a garden curmudgeon and loving the February 50 degree

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