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In a message dated 2/26/2000 4:55:09 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
bedrock.gardeners at SYMPATICO.CA writes:

<< The sad thing is that you know that it was a gardener that stole all y=our
friend's plants. >>

Actually, truly sad is that you know it was a gardener who *knows you*,
Gavin, and knows your garden who stole all of the plants. It had to be
someone who'd actually been in the garden and knew the plants were there =and
knew what they were and how treasured/valuable they were. This was no
ordinary thief.

Does this make us wary of sharing our gardens with others? [25 years ago =I
lived in Indian Village, an historic neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. O=ur
home was on the house and garden tour. I noticed someone taking photograp=hs,
but said nothing. Less than a month later, we had a break in. What was ta=ken?
Antiques -- things that were probably stolen to order. The only things th=at
made it "better" was that (1) our realtor interrupted the thieves, so the=y
only made one trip; (2) they were too lazy to move furniture, and so they
took the only fake oriental carpet in the house!]

Live and learn. I give garden tours to small groups (15 and under), but I
would never consider a house tour. And we have turned down our local gard=en
club's requests for consideration of our gardens on the tour that attract=s
thousands. The reason has been that our gardens are fairly intimate (narr=ow
paths) and we don't want large groups tramping through them. Now there se=ems
to be a better reason.

Sad, sad, sad.

Jeanne Hannah
Traverse City, MI 49686
USDA Zone 5b

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