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Such an awful thing, but sadly, something that is happening more =and more.
I have had fantasies of writing an article called "The Dark Side of
Gadening and Gardeners".... dealing not only with the increased stealing =at
both public and private gardens, but the greed that prompts the looting o=f
plants from the wild, the manipulations of people  (i.e. courting of thos=e
that can give you something and the ignoring of those who are considered =to
have nothing to offer), the elitism focused on where you have trained or
your status as a star amateur,  the way some expect you to ooh and aah wh=en
you visit their garden, but have absolutely no interest in other people's
gardens, etc.
But then Dorothy said, who would be interetested in something li=ke that?
I read last year of a 40' hedge being stolen in England.  The own=er awoke
one morning, looked out and it was gone!
Actually at one point, I think Jim raised this aspect of the gard=ening
world as something that needed some discussion... but that might have bee=n
on Trillium-L.
The sad thing is that you know that it was a gardener that stole =all your
friend's plants.

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