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To think of it, I've got a lot in my back yard. But it doesn't appear so =from
the street and no one in the area is much interested. Luckily too I have =a lot
scattered in friends' yards and isolated woodland areas. Some I grow indo=ors or
at least start there or store dormant. My biggest worry though is natural
disaster or ignorance, of the blundering heavy two-footed type.  The land=lord's
dog serves well to keep intruders from passing through the main part of  =my
I am just about soon to "publish" my ongoing Aroid growing log, such as i=t is.
Lot of it is in seperate notebooks, and there was a period last year when=I let
up for a while. I can't even find some of the plants I've documented! So,=when I
write detailed descriptions and locations, I trust you all. I'm more happ=y to
find people interested in these wierd plants also and this knowledge is f=or all.
Bonaventure Magrys
Somewhere in New Jersey

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