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Tue Feb 8 05:48:59 CET 2000

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From: Oleg Vasiliev <OVasiliev at GO.COM>
Subject: Re: Proper Winter Care/rotting

> I think that Barry Yinger and Andy Wong (Asiatica Nursery) use dry
in ventilated plastic bags for storage, but would hope that they might
confirm or deny this. Sphagnum is said to have antifungal properties, an=d
might offer the best avenue for avoiding winter rot of stored tubers.

Yes, sphagnum has antifungal compounds, but it's better to add more
protection by addition of fungicide. I usually saturate sphagnum with
fungicide solution, after that dry sphagnum for a few days and use for
storage of tubers. If tubers have serious fungal contamination - I put
them into 4% formaldehyde solution for 4-5 min, and after brief washing
with water, dry ones and put into the sphagnum and keep at 39F (+4C).

One question: is rotting has bacteriological or fungal origin? I have
never seen an answer. It's looks very similar with bacteriological
rotting of Iris. To prevent Iris rot we add charcoal to the soil.
It's work very well!


PS we have unusual abandon discussion today and I submitted a lot of mist=ake
in English (sorry)

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