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For some reason,
>mostly market forces, Turface is not available here in Corvallis:


Check with your fuel oil companies. (If you need fuel oil in Oregon);-)
Some use turface (they don't call it that) for oil spill cleanups. They
normally have an open or ripped bag in the fuel truck you can see. I've
used this quite successfully (its simply a different grade) for several
years. Its cheaper than the stuff labelled "horticultural" as well.


Also, peat does have some interesting anti-bacterial and anti-fungal (?)
properties. I know that it is now being used as an oil fuel cleanup
material because it supports the bacteria that eat oil products. There is=I
believe some data out there (I forget the source - sorry) that it retards
pythium development.


As a note, I started digging around in the seedling pots from last year's
seedlings and they still seem quite firm and sound. Even after having bee=n
frozen in the night temperatures in the greenhouse last week.  The pots a=re
quite dry so the freezing may not have been all that deep in the pots. I
suspect had they been wet at all, they would have been frozen solid - and

Its almost potting up time in the solar greenhouse. Two weeks from now,
we'll turn the furnace on simply to ensure it doesn't freeze at night and
away we'll go. I'm determined to get some serious growth on the tubers th=is
year. ;-)

Doug Green,
Simple Gifts Farm, Ontario, Canada
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