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>I was hoping we wouldn't get into this other stuff, but I guess you thou=ght
>it was important to continue the thread.

I relation to the above, why did you start the thread ?

I am hamstrung on this, if I reply folks leave the list, you leave the li=st.=
If I don't reply you have already supplied the reason "I'll interpret=
as a 'no' or 'don't care'" 

The answer is that I do care, I care a lot, and for the sake of this list==
may have the last word.  I disagree with much of what you said re: Kaiche=n,=
dislike it, it was wrong, you were wrong to say it.  I will add no more.

On a positive note, the Arisaema sikokianum was an attempt at humour.  I
condescend nor dismiss it.  I took it a lot more seriosuly than many of t=he
list I would think, and I enjoyed it too.

The original observation was *not* that *all* of someones plants faced th=e
or the same way, it was that *one plant* did this, it did it *two years
running*, sample size is small enough for it to be just an anomaly,=
with a year in between.  I thought it very very unlikely but I took it
seriously enough that I went out and examined over 30 spathes that were o=ut.=

In short, they do not all face the same way, far from it, they face every
way.  They have paths on two  parallel sides.  Next I tried to actually
quantify this - determine their angle, then I tried it in "o'clock=
then I tried to think about drawing it.  I attempted to figure out if the=re
a pattern, then tried to figure out the presentation.

After this I realised that it was not a research project either and gave =up,=
was satisfied that there is no discernable pattern to the way that they f=ace
and in effect ended up proving that my own prejudiced knee-jerk initial
was right, it was.  I came up with nothing quantifiable and it took me ab=out
half an hour to do it, I wasted my time I reckon.  

But dismiss it ? no way :-)

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