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I can tell from the deafening roar of silence that 99% of you feel that I
was completely out of place to make any comments about Kaichen. My facts
were wrong, my opinions were biased, and I was stupid to raise the issues=I
did. I really don't need the aggravation, and my little army of one isn't
going to make any difference.

I need some time off. Ray, put me on vacation hold for the list until
further notice. I'll be back-- fair warning. I'll respond to private
e-mails. I'll post the rest of Wilbert's pictures, but I really don't kno=w
why I should bother. There was not a single comment on the A. bockii
material, not one. I think everyone would rather sit back and grow their =$2
arisaemas from China with the wrong names. Wilbert put a lot of effort in=to
this, and I did my fair share. Just a tiny bit of support goes a long way.

Have a good summer.


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