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Come on, you people......if you have pertinent information, share!  if
you wish to argue, do it on private e-mail!
Most all ( 3) well-known nurseries buy from the same source! Heronswood,
like every one else in America, buys from Chen Yi! The plants you get
from Dan are the same plants you get from the other 2 that are selling
them....the only difference is the price you pay for them! if you have
an argument, or you disagree with the ethics, take it up with the big
name nurseries that are promoting, and selling these plants as "wild
collected"!!!!!  If you do not like the selection Chen Yi offers, then
don't buy!!!! it's that simple!!
If you have Arisaema....grow it until  you can identify it, and if you
can't? don't advertise it! .....It's like anything many
varieties/versions of  Astrantia are people trying to grow and claim
from seedling!!
Don't blame Chen Yi for doing the same things the American Nursurymen
are doing! The only thing you can accuse her of is selling the plant at
a reasonable price! Have you compared her price list to what the best
named Nurserymen are re-selling for?? with the same amount of
information about the plant?
Do your homework!!!

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