regarding Chen Yi's A-02..... Arisaema brevipes

H.C.M.van Beusekom Phlox at XS4ALL.NL
Fri Jun 11 11:29:33 CEST 1999

May be I missed the conversation but cannot remember having seen comment on
this Chen Yi
introduction. I have searched the Internet for a picture but cannot find it.
Although the flower is not yet fully open it certainly going to look like A.
candidissimum but with a different coloring. The striping is exact like A.
candidissimum but the color is (or is close to) white with green. It is one
of the last to sprout like candidissimum.
Anybody cares for any comment ???
All tubers sprouted which is to the contrary of A. elephas which all died. I
have never had any luck with this one. Why is that ? What do I do wrong ?

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