regarding Chen Yi's A-02..... Arisaema brevipes

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<< All tubers sprouted which is to the contrary of A. elephas which all died.
have never had any luck with this one. Why is that ? What do I do wrong ? >>

Only some of the tubers I received as "A. elephas" broke dormancy, only one
bloomed [but it was A. griffithii!] In fact, judging from the leaf structure,
only one of the "A. elephas" was really A. elephas, (or is it A. wilsonii, as
Wibert opines?)  It, too, had the poorly developed spathe and deformed
spadex]. Because of the fact that they were shipped after breaking dormancy,
the leaves are distorted, curled, generally unattractive.  The remaining
appear to be A. griffithii.

I am still waiting for the A. candidissimum, but those I received from other,
more reliable sources than Chen Yi, have broken dormancy just in the past
week.  So there is still hope.

The A. elephas, A lingyunense and A. griffithii I was sent had all broken
dormancy by the time they arrived here.  Only two A. griffithii bloomed, --
[but one was marked A.
elephas.] The A. elephas, shipped after breaking dormancy, also had leaves
that were distorted, curled, generally unattractive.

The A lingyunense?  Nowhere to be found.  I suppose they died.

In the meantime the A erubescens was the best of the lot.  they all grew,
they were the correct plant, two, so far, have set seed, and there are two
more likely to do so.  After looking at the pictures on the Arisaema Page of
A. sikkokianum, I'll have to go back out and take another look.  They were
*gorgeous*, the typical varigated leaves, lovely large tubers that produced
lovely large plants.

Jeanne Hannah
USDA Zone 5b

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