Cat protection

Lois Addison & Dorothy Richardson bedrock.gardeners at SYMPATICO.CA
Thu Feb 4 03:40:22 CET 1999

Aye, it warms my heart.

We can't have anything green inside....3 cats take care of that.  Since I
start all sorts of things in the basement ( and trhe basement is where
their cat pan is) - you can forsee difficulties...
One of our cats has been after all the arisaema ...several broken
off...lots of teeth marks in the I was cheered by Roy's
message.  I have taken to drapeing spun polyester around the area....sort
of hook it on the corners of the hanging lights....
Don't kill your cat.  Remember they have nine lives, are stubborn, and
would come back and make your life misearable.  I do recommend the spun

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