Broken arisaema

William Perez wpz at SPRYNET.COM
Fri Feb 5 00:16:38 CET 1999

Thanks for the info, everyone.  Well, I must say, as much as I wanted to kill
the cat I ended up bringing home a six foot long branch from a London Plane.
Or is it Sycamore?  In any case, it's the one with the multicolored bark.  It
must've weighed half a ton, and I arrived home with bruises on my shoulders
and my clothing drenched in perspiration.  This being NYC, many people in the
streets and in the subway looked at me like I was dragging a cross proclaiming
the end of the world next year.  To the handful of brave souls who dared to
ask, "why?" ,I happily told them, "I'm doing it  because I decided to build my
cats a jungle gym".  Hopefully they'll attack that if they're in the mood to
whack a plant.

As far as the arisaema, it's still green and happy looking!  But if it ends up
going to sleep, then in the fridge it goes.  Wish me luck.


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