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Wed Apr 28 18:52:12 CEST 1999


The discussion re: "Arisaema du-bois-reymondiae" is for exactly the
reason you suggest - to
find out what the real name of the plant is. Sorry I don't know what the
Kaichen "Number" is
so I have to discuss it using the name they "attached" to it. Perhaps I
should have added "aff."
to the name. You'll have to do that mentally since the material is
already posted.

When we last had such discussions, I kept a table of IDs for each
"Kaichen name" and found
that different plants were shipped under the same name (probably the same
number). The great
majority were misnamed. But, many were consistently misnamed. So, I
expect this one may well be misnamed too. That's why all the descriptive

Once the plants in Europe wake up, we'll have lots more information. The
best I can say for
now is that at least 3 people have the same plant - whatever it is.

I suspect one key may be the black picotee spathe margin. I've not seen
this before. Also, the
leaflet arrangement seems different than on other plants I've seen.

If you're growing the plant, we'd really like to hear any descriptive
details you can give the group.
If you have ideas about what the ID may be based on the descriptive
information, we'd like to
share them. If you feel other descriptive details are needed, we need to
know what -  now while the
plants are in bloom so that we can measure/find them.

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