A. sikokianum

Jan Renfroe jrenfroe at NVINET.COM
Wed Apr 28 17:57:39 CEST 1999

Hello All,

I have one possible explanation for siskokianum facing away from the
pathway, reflected light.  Your sikokianum is facing away from reflected

Last year my patch of Dracunculas vulgaris all bloomed facing the house.  My
house is painted a light gray and the patch is the filtered light south side
of the house.  One plant however, bloomed facing out to the lawn.  What I
realized was the one plant facing out was planted below the half wall of the
front porch and the rest of the patch was planted below the full wall of the
house.  I checked the light levels, eyeballed it, several times during a
sunny day and could see that the full wall produced a lot of reflected light
and the half wall did not.  Last fall I moved all the plants in the patch to
a spot below the half wall of the porch.  The plants are 3 feet tall now and
look like a small forest in the flowerbed.  The blossom stalks are not up
yet, so I don't know for sure, but I will bet they bloom facing out this
year.  I will keep you posted as they progress.


Jan Renfroe

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